We can assist with defining the project, assembling the team, outlining a budget, timeline and sourcing quality components locally and from around the world. Whether large or small, detailed or developing ideas, your home is at least partly in your mind. We work with the best of Vancouver’s architectural community, tradespeople, sub-contractors and professionals in every field.


O pen and upfront: good service begins with honesty, trust and good communication. Most home buyers have a lot of questions about the construction of their home: How long will it take to build? What happens when? What does each step involve? When can we visit the site and see our home in progress? When do we have to make final decisions about cabinets, fixtures, flooring, and so on? When do building inspections take place? Will we have a chance to inspect it ourselves before we take possession?


The process for Custom Builds at Luxor Projects involves a series of meetings that are focused on imagining the possibilities for your new home, taking a concept to its fruition with the talents of several team members. From the first consultation, our goal is to ascertain the vision of our client, while preparing them for the coming decisions that will need to be made during the design process. We assist and take creative direction at every stage, in order to create a final home that matches the dream you had in your mind.




ach home has its own distinctive qualities that make it unique. Our years of experience in the field of custom home design gives us the ability to seamlessly make your dream a reality. Luxor works together with home owners from start to finish to design a home that is perfect for you.


The collaborative nature of our team allows for a mutual development of concepts that help to bring a vision to fulfillment. We prioritize our clients’ vision and provide you with the top architects and contractors to work together to build your dream home. We have perfected the skill of guiding our clients through a very distinctive building and design process to provide for every clients various needs and desires for their home.




ur clients’ individual needs and budgets are our number one priority, and we adapt each construction process to these factors. A number of steps will take place in the construction of your home. From meeting the team to move in day, Luxor Projects will be with you every step of the way providing any resources you may need.


Our team brings a high level or expertise as we oversee every step of the construction process and guarantee quality, safety, and efficiency. We ensure quality construction methods, and continue to involve homeowners in the process throughout the construction experience in order to achieve the home you envisioned.


After Care

YYou take pride in your home and so do we. Luxor is committed to stand behind what we build and provide you with exceptional service. We do this by setting high standards for the workmanship and materials used in all our homes to ensure your home provides lasting value for today’s lifestyles and beyond. It’s part of our commitment to deliver an enjoyable home ownership experience and long-term peace of mind.


We understand how important the finish of the home is and are committed to creating a product that both our team and the client is proud of. Luxor Projects is extremely detail oriented and pride ourselves in working closely with homeowners to create the perfect home for you. This is ensured through the offer of 2-5-10 home warranty, which is one of the strongest home warranty defect insurance coverages in Canada.